2017 IDPA Shooters Survey by Arnold Rifle & Pistol Club IDPA

There can be little doubt that those partaking in the survey are very frustrated with IDPA Headquarters.

To summarize,  many shooters feel their voices are unheard.  The leaders at ARPC-IDPA have decided to not withdraw from IDPA in 2017.  We will finish the year and assess how our shooters feel about continuing.  It can be argued that our decision to stay in for now is the result of our passion for the charity we serve with the Backstoppers Challenge.

Survey results:

Feedback from active IDPA shooters in our club, in the St Louis metro region and 6 match directors around the country who completed monthly matches in January under the new rules.  309 shooters used the rules at the clubs sampled.   

 Additionally I received 217 responses to the e-mail blast soliciting feedback.

 There can be little surprise that the majority of feedback is NOT in favor of what IDPA HQ does to their customers.  

 81% of respondents said they will support the Backstoppers Challenge whether it is an IDPA event or not. 


46% of the respondents were IDPA members 2-5 years. 

35% 6-10 years in IDPA

14% 11+ years.


19% says the recent changes do not make them want to leave IDPA

50% says they are thinking about dropping out

The remainder were indifferent.


 53% says the really love IDPA and are very active

30% are regular monthly shooters.

17% say it is "just shooting - getting some trigger time"


.. HQ does not care what shooters think or want.

..Fault lines have no place in IDPA as described in the spirit of the sport.

 ..For what it's worth, although the whole "fault line" issue is ridiculous and contrary to everything IDPA has espoused for years, I'm less upset about the new rules than the absolute contemptuous disregard IDPA has shown to its members.

 ..If Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein ran a shooting sport, this is what it would look like.

 ..I really hope this organization can get back on track after this - I've made some wonderful friendships and associations through IDPA and my life is much richer for being involved in it. 

 ..Outlawing my CCP gun by 1/8” was the very last straw. 

 ..We did paint fault lines on the ground and most of our shooters were OK with it. Although some thought it was too much like USPSA.

 ..I think my biggest beef is the fault lines being the same for all targets at a PoC.

 ..I'm glad ARPC is looking at dropping official IDPA membership while still looking to shoot something modeled on the very successful older renditions of the rulebook. I think it would be great if a bunch of big clubs around the country did so. The powers that be clearly have no regard for the actual shooters who make up the majority of IDPA membership: constantly changing equipment rules, poorly edited rule books, massive rules changes without membership input (the 1 sec/PD, "flagrant penalty," fault lines, etc.)

..But at least for now I'm letting my IDPA membership lapse when it comes up in February. I'm just fed up. Love my local matches and the guys I shoot with and I'll keep shooting with them - but the national organization has not earned my $40. I hope they listen...

..I would like to thank you and Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club for taking a strong stance on the IDPA rule change as it particularly relates to the foot faults. I thought that foot faults could have been done to help augment tough judgment calls/target angles. However, they went to the other extreme by putting the foot fault on the first target. It will force people to crowd cover, use only one hand and dangerously lean off balance to get shots. Promoting bad cover, bad shooting technique and safety issues. The only way around these issues is to limit the arc of targets at any shooting position.  

 ..First of all, personally, I'm appalled by the IDPA rules-mongering of the last few years.  Just when I was hoping that IDPA was going to get straightened out somewhat and get away from the crippling effects of one of the worst rulebooks in action shooting, they went ahead with this latest round of... well, polite language hardly applies.

..If you bail from IDPA I would regret losing the points toward Nationals but that wouldn't be a deal breaker as I also have concerns about the new rules such as how does PCC fit in with the founding principles of defensive pistol carry?  Personally, your dropping out of IDPA might encourage me, and some others I suspect, to want to attend your match as a protesting vote/voice that IDPA HQ might take note of.


Mixed reviews on fault lines.  Some support and some strongly oppose. Majority comment it changes the spirit of the sport.

 OVERALL:  Great disdain for HQ simply not caring about continuity to the sport and making changes that cause issues.

 Future of IDPA at ARPC

 As you would expect, even in our group of shooters we have strong feelings one way or the other.  As a generalization, those longest in IDPA seem loyal to the roots and most disturbed by yet another round of changes.   Those who shoot other action pistol sports seem to have the least concern.