February Match Results Are in!

The weather wasn't ideal for a match, however we fought back the cold and had a great match.  30 brave shooters showed up, had fun, and got a chance to send some rounds down range.

A thank you goes out to all the SO's, Building team, Registration team,  and Scoring team. We have a great group at ARPC. We started on time and were cleaned up by11:30

Missouri State Match registration will be open soon,  I'll send an email when we open registration.


Thank you,

Shoot safely and share your sport!

Will Steffen
Match Director

Photo credit Stephen Lutman (Thanks Steve)

Photo credit Stephen Lutman (Thanks Steve)

February Scores


by division / by stage / overall 

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Scoring goes through a couple of revision, changes in division or class almost aways happens we get the sence that this has setteled down the scores will also apper here, this make take a day or so, untill then you can visit the links above for the scores.

Thank you

The Match Directors.